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Vaclav Skala

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   GraVisMa 2018 conference

Venue to be held May 28-June 1, 2018
Plzen, Czech Republic
Primavera Congress Center

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This activity is a part of the national research project VIRTUAL targeted specifically to application of theory of non-Euclidean geometry to computation and  especially within the framework of Computer Graphics and Vision, Visualization and Scientific Computing, covering also new approaches to linear algebra and numerical computation in general.

Methods based on projective space using geometry algebra and conformal geometry seem to be very promising especially in the context of possible applications in technical fields, chemistry, biosciences etc.

The main contribution of this activity should be:

  • development of new robust algorithms convenient especially for solution of larger or more complex problems of Computer Graphics and Vision, Visualization and Scientific Computing
  • a new processor architecture or modification of the current CPU / GPU architecture

Algorithms developed are verified on CPU, using a special library PLib, GPU using CUDA. Specific platform TESLA/NVIDIA will be considered for efficiency  designed algorithms evaluation.

Related projects:

  • VIRTUAL, No 2C06002 [in Czech] - National Center of Excellence project
  • LC-CPG, No.LC06008 - National Center of Excellence project
  • 3DTV, EU Network of Excellence, FP6-2003-IST-2, No:511568
  • Intuition, EU Network of Excellence, FP6-2003-IST-2, No:507248-2


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